New Delhi. People of the mountain

In the outskirts of New Delhi, 15 km from the center of the city lies one of the biggest landfills of India. It is the “Mountain of Garbage”. This is how people call it when they point at it from a distance.

«It is 50m tall, spreads over 70 acres and has received 13 million tons of garbage up to now. Due to India’s fast economic growth, administrative indifference and bad waste management, an actual mountain of trash, taller than a 15-storey building, has been created. The Ghazipur landfill is among the four main garbage dumping spots in the capital and North India’s biggest one, spreading over an area of 70 acres (283,000 m2). The ‘mountain of trash’ has reached a height of 50 meters, way above the 20-metre limit stipulated by the solid-waste management rule of 2016». (Source: The civil engineer)

Around the mountain live the ragpickers, the only people responsible of the “recycle”, who go out and down the landfill looking for plastic and metal to collect and resell.

I was there on November, 2016.

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